Posted by: whatrosewrites | July 16, 2010

Ugly is HOT

Decades ago, if someone wanted plastic surgery, a bit of a psychological assessment was done and psychological therapy was recommended as a primary intervention. I recall one story, heard some 20-odd years ago, in which a man had a nose job (in hopes his girlfriend would “take him back”). After the surgery the former girlfriend did NOT take him back – so he killed the cosmetic surgeon.

Somewhere I read something that stuck with me, “If everyone looked like Christie Brinkley or Robert Redford…what a boring world it would be.” A few years ago, at an ophthalmology seminar, I saw before and after photos of oculoplastic (eye and lid) surgeries. Although some surgeries were necessary for visual functioning (ptosis or droopy eyelids), some were surgically treated to look “more symmetrical” – but, they actually started to look boring. They lacked character. Like Ashley Judd, I have one eyebrow higher than the other…now, I wouldn’t alter it for the world. My sister, 5′ 9″ who modeled at 14 years of age has a symmetrical face…I was shorter and didn’t have her symmetry. I am saddened to learn that healthy and normal looking young men and women are pursuing cosmetic procedures at record rates. How superficial have we become? … what you look like doesn’t matter.

Now designer “beautiful babies” are available. Stephen Colbert presented a piece on this recently and added the comment, “In the eyes of the Lord, all children are beautiful. But down here on earth, we have higher standards.” How unethical is that?? So now, supposed ugly parents can have “beautiful” children by buying the donor eggs and sperm from beautiful donors. Well, money can buy us anything, can’t it. When the world is full of “perfect” people…those who look different will be considered special and exotic…rare birds. So, I am gleefully awaiting the day that ugly is hot.


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