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Can Samantha Jones exist?

Simply put, it is a man’s world. While working out the other day, a photo of a 43-year old Iranian widow flashed on the TV screen at the gym. With music playing headphones on, I just read the caption: “Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani sentenced to death by stoning.” Looking into her eyes I thought – what could she have done that was so bad? Later, I read a blurb about her being charged with adultery and her alleged role (unsubstantiated) in her husband’s death by her supposed lover. Both her son and lawyer state, “No one has ever said she was convicted of murder” and thankfully world-wide pleas continue to spare this woman’s life, thus far. A sad fact is more than 25 other women (that we know of) face the same fate. Apparently, Malek Ajdar Sharifi, Chief of the judiciary of East Azebaijan said, “If we give the details of the crimes she committed, the public will understand the depth of her inhuman and criminal nature. But due to humanitarian considerations we can’t give the details.” Oh come on – we can handle Stephen King novels turned into movies and the horrifying images of 9/11, but this woman’s actions are somehow worse? What a cop out. I am proud, however, that a strong effort led by Canadian women (including CEO of Indigo, Heather Reisman) has formed Bravo ladies!

Back to the man’s world point. I recall seeing a little corner headline in The Toronto Star a few months ago that read, “Sadly for Elin, Tiger is human.” I wonder, would we ever see that kind of sweet, forgiving little headline if Elin cheated on Tiger? (without knowing for certain, I’m guessing a man came up with that headline). Hey guys, ever thought it might have been lonely for Elin, being at home with the kids while Tiger was touring the circuit, away for weeks at a time? Here’s guessing how that scenario might play out: most (not all) men would look down upon Elin with disbelief that a woman could do that to Tiger. But worse, some women would vilify Elin – Poor Tiger…how could SHE do that to him? Come here Tiger, I’ll take care of you. Ouch, I know that hurt and I am a woman. In my experience, women do not have as much compassion for one another.

Ah come on, boys will be boys, right? Actually, women’s bodies have more erogenous zones than men’s. From an anatomical standpoint, polyandry (having more than one husband) makes more sense. A woman can have multiple orgasms and enjoy sex many more times a day than a man could. Historically, this practice was done mainly for keeping property inheritance within a family (such as two brothers married to one woman) or done due to the scarcity of women in certain cultures – but not of the woman’s choosing. A little known historical fact is that women DID get to choose from a selection of “lovers”; in Vienna (1716) Lady Montagu felt that, “Many women of the nobility had two husbands – one for the name, the other for the ‘game’.” It was considered gauche (lacking in social graces) not to invite all three to dinner. Philosopher Voltaire was another example. For part of his 16-year affair with married woman Marquise du Chatelet (“the divine Emilie”) all three resided together. Yet why does having a healthy, dare I say, normal sex drive and openly embracing it, mean someone is “bad”? I am probably more of a Carrie Bradshaw type but I secretly want to live like Samantha Jones.


  1. It seems to me that the women’s movement is not finished yet (nor should it be); there are still some tall mountains to climb if women are to become equal citizens of the world – in all corners of our lives.

  2. Yes, and apparently pay scales for women are still (on average 1/3 less than a man’s). Even in writing! I wonder, what is so inferior in my key stroke (to deserve less pay) than a man’s? Yeah, I can’t cart 50 lb crates as effectively as a man..I get it. But most fields do not require “physical” strength. I still don’t get it either. It is one way to oppress women..make sure we need a man, I guess? Thanks for the comment. Rose


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